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AB Torkapparater (ABT)

ABT has a strong expertise in thermal processing of solid materials. ABT offers turn-key systems for drying, cooling, pyrolysis, gasification and other thermal processing of a wide spectrum of materials, e.g. minerals, chemicals, industrial and municipal wastes and sludge, biomass and recycled products. Since 1937 ABT has delivered more than a thousand plants adapted to a hundred different types of material. ABT’s customers are found in most industries, around the world. The systems are recognized by a quality and design that gives customers appropriately adapted equipment and sustainable solutions combined with competitive overall economics. In Sweden the use of biomass application started in the middle 80s with drying and gasification systems for bark, chips and different fractions of saw dust and other mixed fractions. ABT has supplied many of the drying systems to the Swedish biomass industry. Furthermore, in 2012 ABT successfully managed a torrefaction project together with Vattenfall, Sveaskog, Sweden’s largest forest owner and and Korsnäs an industrial partner.