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Work Package 1  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D1.1 Analysis of selected feedstock (M3, VUT)
D1.2 Description of the process chain (M12, TUDA)
D1.3 Heat and mass balances of the process chain (M30, CERTH)
D1.4 Layout of full-scale pre-treatment plant (M30, CENER)
D1.5 Design of full-scale chemical looping gasifier (M36, REPOTEC)
D1.6 Layout of syngas cleaning and fuel synthesis equipment (M36, RWE)
D1.7 Dynamic simulations of the plant (M36, CERTH)
    Work Package 2  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D2.1 Optimized straw pellets production method (M18, CENER)
D2.2 Influence of additives and pre-treatment methods on biofuel behaviour (M18, FZJ)
D2.3 Results of fluidized bed gasification assessment for different biomass feedstock (M24, UNIVAQ)
D2.4 Pellets from forestry residues for tests in small pilot plants: 2 tonnes (M12, CENER)
D2.5 Straw pellets for tests in small pilot plants: 2 tonnes (M24, CENER)
    Work Package 3  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D3.1 Report on oxygen carrier screening and selection (M12, CTH)
D3.2 Report on fate of tar surrogates on selected oxygen carriers (M15, CTH)
D3.3 Results of continuous testing with different fuels and oxygen carriers (M18, CTH)
D3.4 Results of testing at up to 100 kWth scale using wood chips/pellets (M24, CTH)
D3.5 Results of testing at up to 100 kWth scale using pre-treated straw (M30, CTH)
D3.6 Reaction kinetics of gasification reactions (M21, CSIC)
D3.7 Reaction kinetics of oxygen carrier redox reactions (M24, CSIC)
D3.8 Validation of 1.5D model by pilot data (M30, CSIC)
D3.9 Validation of 3D model by pilot data (M30, TUDA)
    Work Package 4  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D4.1 Results from small-scale gas washing test rig with synthetic gases (M18, RWE)
D4.2 Validation of sub-models for gas cleaning units (M24, CERTH)
    Work Package 5  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D5.1 Description of pilot plant adaptions (M12, TUDA)
D5.2 Results of full-chain pilot tests with wood pellets (M30, TUDA)
D5.3 Pellets from forestry residues for full-chain pilot tests: 72 tonnes (M30, ABT)
D5.4 Results of full-chain pilot tests with pellets from forestry residues (M33, TUDA)
D5.5 Straw pellets for full-chain pilot tests: 72 tonnes (M33, ABT)
D5.6 Results of full-chain pilot tests with straw pellets (M36, TUDA)
D5.7 Optimal road transport drop-in biofuels production via hydrocracking (M39, CERTH)
D5.8 Drop-in biofuels specifications and storage guidelines (M45, CERTH)
D5.9 Results of characterization and blending of final products (M45, UNICRE)
D5.10 Results of full-chain process simulations (M45, CERTH)
    Work Package 6  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D6.1 Health and safety risk assessment (M36, RWE)
D6.2 Environmental risk assessment (M36, VUT)
D6.3 Assessment of risks related to society (M36, VUT)
D6.4 Technology risk assessment (M42, REPOTEC)
D6.5 Economical risk assessment (M48, ULSTER)
    Work Package 7  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D7.1 Cost estimation for biomass feedstock supply (M36, CENER)
D7.2 Cost estimation for gasification and fuel synthesis plants (M42, ULSTER)
D7.3 Techno-economic assessment of the full-scale biofuel production processes and applications (M45, ULSTER)
D7.4 Environmental evaluation of biofuel production processes via Life Cycle Analysis (M45, CENER)
D7.5 Strategies for biofuel deployment based on residuals (M48, VUT)
    Work Package 8  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D8.1 Logo and website (M3, TUDA)
D8.2 First public workshop (M24, TUDA)
D8.3 Second public workshop (M48, TUDA)
D8.4 First public report (M12, TUDA)
D8.5 Second public report (M24, TUDA)
D8.6 Third public report (M36, TUDA)
D8.7 Fourth public report (M48, TUDA)
D8.8 Publications (M6-M48, TUDA)
D8.9 Six monthly newsletters (M6-M48, TUDA)✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
D8.10 Draft exploitation plan (M12, REPOTEC)
D8.11 Final exploitation plan (M48, REPOTEC)
    Work Package 9  
NumberNameDue, ResponsiblePublished/Submitted
D9.2 Flash Report 1 (M6, TUDA)
D9.3 Flash Report 2 (M12, TUDA)
D9.4 Flash Report 3 (M24, TUDA)
D9.5 Flash Report 4 (M30, TUDA)
D9.6 Flash Report 5 (M36, TUDA)
D9.7 Flash Report 6 (M42, TUDA)