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Related Projects

Second generation biofuels, efficient biomass utilization, chemical looping technologies, etc. are topics not only covered in the CLARA project, but also in a varied field of other projects. You can browse through the list below to find out more about other research projects covering related research fields.

VERENA Project

The modern economy is still largely based on a linear economy in which non-recyclable products are produced from imported fossil raw materials and their disposal releases large quantities of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide. In the VERENA research project, the research consortium, coordinated by the Technical University Darmstadt, aims to make non-recyclable waste streams available as feedstock for basic materials in the chemical industry. To this end, the consortium is working on various gasification processes for the material and energetic use of diverse residual materials. In this way, the carbon cycle is closed.

Lig2Liq Project

LIG2LIQ is a 3-years research project co-funded by the European Commision managed Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS). Its aim is to develop an economically efficient concept for production of liquid fuels, such as Fischer-Tropsch fuels or methanol, from lignite and solid recovered fuel from municipal waste by means of the High Temperature Winkler (HTW) gasification technology. Capital costs are decreased by an innovative gas cleaning stage for the subsequent synthesis step.

Glamour Project

GLAMOUR (GLycerol to Aviation and Marine prOducts with sUstainable Recycling) is a H2020 research project to demonstrate the conversion of bio-waste feedstock such as glycerol into jetfuel and marine diesel oil by combining two technologies: Syngas generation with inherent CO2 removal using gas solid reactions. Compact Fischer-Trospsch process with 3D printed catalyst.