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Vienna University of Technology (TU WIEN)

The Energy Economics Group (EEG) is part of the Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives at Vienna University of Technology. The core areas of research of the EEG are: Dissemination and integration strategies for renewable and new energy technologies; Competition in energy markets (liberalisation vs. regulation); Energy modelling; Strategies for heading towards sustainable mobility; Global and local environmental aspects; Sustainable energy systems and climate change.
EEG has managed and carried out many international as well as national research projects funded by the European Commission, national governments, public and private clients in several fields of research, especially focusing on renewable and new energy systems. EEG employs a permanent scientific staff of about 25 people.
EEG keeps up many national and international co-operations. EEG coordinates and has coordinated several EU-projects in the field of RES, energy efficiency and energy in transport.
Main tasks.

  • TU WIEN as leader of WP7 will be mainly responsible for the overall technical, economic and environmental assessment of the investigated generic biomass-to-end-use chains for gasification of biogenic residuals. In detail TU WIEN will lead the detailed cost analysis using specific tools developed for biomass-to-end-use chain simulation to calculate overall costs and GHG-emissions of relevant constellations of these chain links under different framework conditions.
  • The economic and ecological viabilities of the examined constellations will be estimated by comparison with costs and emissions from competitive biomass deployment for energetic and non-energetic use as well as from reference fossil fuel products.
  • The results will serve as a basis to be expanded by unquantifiable parameters e.g. risks addressing health, safety, technology etc. for an ecological and socio-economic impact assessment.