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Work Package 1  
M1.1 Feedstock for testing selected and analysed (M3)
M1.2 Process conditions for lab and pilot testing defined (M12)
M1.3 Heat and mass balances of full-scale process defined (M30)
M1.4 Layout of equipment for full-scale process defined (M36)
    Work Package 2  
M2.1 Optimized process conditions to be used in pre-treatment defined (M18)
    Work Package 3  
M3.1 Oxygen carrier selected for pilot plant operation (M18)
M3.2 Operational parameters of full-scale process defined (M24)
M3.3 1.5D model available for definition of full-scale process (M30)
M3.4 3D model available for simulation of full-scale reactors (M30)
    Work Package 4  
M4.1 Test runs with small-scale test rig completed and test rig ready for transport to TUDA (M18)
M4.2 Validated sub-models for gas cleaning units available (M24)
    Work Package 5  
M5.1 Pilot plant ready for full-chain testing (M24)
M5.2 Commercial facility for production of straw pellets ready for operation (M30)
M5.3 Full-chain pilot tests successfully completed (M36)
M5.4 Hydrocracking tests completed (M39)
    Work Package 6  
M6.1 Risks related to health, safety, environment, society, and technology identified (M42)
    Work Package 7  
M7.1 Cost database for pre-treated feedstock, gasification and fuel synthesis plant complete (M42)
M7.2 Economic, energetic and environmental evaluation of the considered biomass chains finalised (M45)
    Work Package 8  
M8.1 Project website online (M3)
    Work Package 9  
M9.1 Kick-off Meeting (M2)