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University of Ulster (ULSTER)

Ulster University is located in Northern Ireland. The work in this project will be conducted by the Centre for Sustainable Technology (CST). This department undertakes multidisciplinary research to design, create, develop, improve, demonstrate, and evaluate emerging, existing, and alternative sustainable energy and environmental technologies. CST has produced a large number of high-quality publications in clean coal, solar energy, bioenergy and energy storage research, and has been awarded many national, European and international research grants. Ulster University has developed the ECLIPSE process simulation software, initially for the European Commission and has been continually updating it for use in techno-economic analysis of a wide range of power plants for the past 25 years. Apart from technical simulations, the software provides a seamlessly integrated toolbox for a detailed economic assessment of different plant configurations. This tool will also be used in carrying out the work in this project. CST has been involving in a number of international carbon capture and storage, clean coal, energy from biomass and waste and energy storage projects. Typical recent examples include: CEC-FP7 SCARLET – Integration of Calcium Carbonation Looping into Full-Scale Industrial Plants, EU RFCS – Direct Coal Liquefaction with waste and petroleum feedstocks, EU Interreg IVA SPIRE II – Storage Platform for the Integration of Renewable Energy and H2020-LC-SC3 CLARA – Chemical looping gasification for sustainable production of biofuels are some examples.