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CERTH Hydro-cracking Test Rig

The hydro-cracking of FT-wax from the Fischer-Tropsch process, to produce drop-in fuels, will be carried out in the Laboratory of Environmental Fuels and Hydrocarbons (LEFH). This laboratory, shown in Figure 1, is owned by CERTH. It is a catalytic reaction engineering laboratory that carries out applied research in the area of refining/bio-refining technologies, new conventional fuels, renewable fuels and chemicals, new catalytic materials and in environmental catalytic processes like DeSOx, DeNOx from flue gases.

Figure 1. Overview of the LEFH laboratory at CERTH. The Hydro Cracking process will be tested here. Source:

LEFH provides technical support to refining and bio-refining industry and focuses on various processes and especially on Fluid Catalytic cracking (FCC), Hydroprocessing (HDS/HPC), Isomerization, Alkylation, Reforming, Biomass Catalytic Pyrolysis, Bio-fuels upgrading, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).